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Thirty years of cutting-edge experience in health care management systems and information technology in a variety of corporate, research, governmental, and educational settings, with specific expertise in: 

  • Strategic planning, and health care policy analysis and development
  • Program planning, development and management of innovative health programs
  • Strategies and systems for health care operations that reduce costs; improve quality and effectiveness of care; and improve operational efficiency and enhance revenues
  • Disease management and evidence-based medicine and supporting information technology
  • Internet/intranet planning and development for health care organizations


President and principal consultant, Schwimmer Associates,  

Schwimmer Associates is a healthcare management and economic consulting firm specializing in strategic and business planning, operations improvement, disease management, outcomes analysis and evidence-based medicine, health informatics and telemedicine. (See also Projects and Clients.) 

Manager and research Associate Professor, Social Services Training Program, Department of Social Welfare, State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 

New York State-funded management training program for seven upstate New York counties' Social Services departments. 

Principal Management Analyst, Health Services Administration, City of New York,  

Health Services Administration was the billion-dollar superagency responsible for direct health service provision and service contracting for the 22-hospital municipal system, and the New York City health, mental health, and addiction departments and programs. 

Technical Writer, IBM Corporation,  

Assistant Project Leader, SDC Corporation,  

SDC was the corporate entity that developed the first automated US Air Force Strategic Air Command defense system. A spin-off business of the RAND Corporation, SDC pioneered computer support of the national defense system and development of large-scale user-friendly data base systems. 

Research Associate, the RAND Corporation,  

RAND was the premier think tank for strategic defense studies and analyses during the Cold War 


Associate Professor of Management Systems, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY,  

Responsible for  Management Systems curriculum at the upper division and graduate level.  Courses and modules included: operations research  management information systems, PPBS, cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis, economic analysis, financial control systems, simulations and model-building, project management, cost controls, project scheduling techniques, program evaluation techniques, public administration, survey research methods 

Adjunct Associate Professor, Courant School of Mathematics , New York University, New York, NY, 

Taught Computer Literacy and Computer Programming to Business School upper division students.   


Produced award-winning Internet web site providing outreach and education for a substance abuse agency of Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, New York, NY 

Developed successful grant proposal for federally funded Community Mental Health Center in Erie County, NY. 

  • Analysis of federal health insurance legislation impact on New York City health expenditures and preparation of New York City lobbying position. 
  • Developed a first Medicaid HMO capitation contract for a medically underserved urban population
  • Developed a first methadone-to-abstinence substance abuse treatment protocol
  • Recipient of planning award in building systems for epidemiological and cost-benefit analysis of residential window safety and design proposals, Progressive Architecture
  • Advisor to Buffalo, NY  city Mayor for expensing Revenue Sharing Appropriations in health, welfare, and addiction services
  • Co-investigator on magnetohydrodynamics study with Nobel Prize-winning physicist
  • Developed first computerized air flight simulator
  • Pioneered analysis and feasibility of using satellites in navigation systems



    For largest upstate New York county Mental Health department, developed executive information system to provide agency with centralized control of operations and budgeting of decentralized county mental health system. 

    For laboratory division of New York City Health department, re-engineered New York City public syphilis serology testing program to maximize window of opportunity for venereal disease treatment and epidemiological case finding. Payoff: reduction of diagnosis turn-around time from two weeks to three days for 0.5 million per year syphilis tests, 100% increase in case-finding window. 

    For New York City health administrator, operational analysis and re-engineering of nursing home placements from the municipal hospital tertiary care system. Payoff: increase in appropriate levels of care at reduced tax levy cost. 

    For commercial food inspection program of New York City health department, and with a major think tank, developed new operational procedures and information systems to optimize inspection personnel productivity and integrity, and monitor unusual or deficient situations. Payoff: tripling of inspections and major reduction of inappropriate relationships between inspector and inspected. 

    For New York City disease register of substance abuse, re-engineered agency operations and database to improve data quality and completeness of this legally mandated data collection system. Payoff: Substantially improved data reliability for funding, evaluation, and epidemiological efforts. 

    For New York City blood banking system, designed an inter-hospital blood tracking system to reduce outdating and wastage of donated blood and reduce reliance on purchased, possibly tainted blood supply. 

    For New York City health administrator, designed new home care delivery program designed to reduce inappropriate use of the nursing home system to maintain the frail elderly. Emphasis was on more custodial and social services and less medical services. Payoff: more appropriate cheaper provision of services at home in place of expensive institutionalization. 

    For upstate New York county Social Services agency covering one million population catchment area, half-million urban core, evaluated new state-wide welfare legislation and operating regulations for financial/operational impact on the county. Prepared county's response to the state. 

    For New York City mental health department, developed demand and supply model of public mental health service utilization in New York City for use by the Department of Mental Health for operating and capital budget planning and analysis. 

    For New York City mayor, analyzed federal national health insurance legislation for impact on municipal tax levy and city residents' out-of-pocket costs. Developed mayoral lobbying position. 

    For New York City health administrator, evaluated results of large scale five-year population health survey for appropriate use in current strategic health planning. 

    For multi-facility chemical dependency program, strategic planning on development of Article 28 health clinic implementation. 

    For major brokerage firm, strategic planning analysis of revenue streams and product-service mix profitability. Computer model of product profitability/cost centers and analysis of entire retail customer purchase history of 33 million customers. 

    For largest upstate New York county Mental Health department, developed successful funded grant application for community mental health center. 

    For largest upstate New York county Mental Health department, designed therapeutic community model substance abuse program and developed funding proposal. 

    For a municipal hospital, feasibility study of transitioning hospital in a middle class neighborhood from municipal system model to voluntary system model, with respect to physician privileges and staffing and patient amenities. 

    For a major medical school, interim executive management of the information systems function. Responsibilities included entire IS operations, research and development supporting college administration, finance, medical research, physicians group practices, some regional school systems and outside clients McGraw-Hill Bond Market Reports. Supervised major mainframe upgrade and transition of systems 

    For upstate New York college, administered $1.0 million state-funded Social Services training program that provided modern management systems training to Social Services departments in seven counties. 

    For federal consumer safety agency, epidemiological study of residential window accidents. Developed cost/benefit model for direct and indirect health costs of existing and proposed strategies and designs. (Project received major national architectural planning award) 

    For federal transportation agency, and regional transit authority, performed epidemiological survey, model, and user-needs/demand analysis for regional barrier-free transportation. Developed cost/benefit analysis of various proposed systems of regional barrier-free transportation for the elderly and handicapped. 

    For the New York City health administrator, developed one of the first Medicaid managed care contracts using a capitation model contract between New York City and an exemplary neighborhood family care center
    For largest upstate New York county health department, user-needs analysis, new facility design and service plan for a central county Health department facility. 
    For a market leader pharmaceutical firm, evaluated protocols, procedures, and operations of clinical trials information's systems division. Recommended new protocols to enhance double-blind reliability and drug testing security. 
    For the major alcoholism dependency support organization, advised on Internet strategies and implementation, trademark, and copyright protection on the Internet.      

    For a chemical dependency program of a major urban multi-program mental health provider, developed an Internet strategy and presence that extended reach from a regional program to a worldwide program. Payoff in one year: doubled outreach contacts, doubled nation-wide regional groups, international recognition. 

    For largest upstate New York county Mental Health department designed therapeutic community model substance abuse program and funding proposal.       

    For New York City, designed first ever methadone to abstinence substance abuse treatment cycle.      

    For voluntary psychiatric facility, designed therapeutic community model substance abuse program and funding proposal.      

    For New York City disease register of substance abuse, re-engineered agency operations and database to improve data quality and completeness of this legally mandated data collection system. Payoff: Substantially improved data reliability for strategic planning, funding, epidemiological research and treatment program evaluation. 

    For prominent defense think tank, mathematical analysis and development of computer simulations models for strategic planning of the national defense system. Specific projects included: 
    • Satellite navigation research using range and range rate measurement.
    • Feasibility study and error propagation analysis of various satellites and satellite configurations for navigational purposes.
    • Missile retargeting strategic planning studies employing statistical techniques and probabilistic models.
    • Kinetics of chemical reactions using dynamic programming and quasilinearization techniques..
    • Radiation transfer studies using dynamic programming techniques.
    • Guidance and control studies for interplanetary orbital trajectories for manned and unmanned space exploration missions.
    • Longevity studies for balloon-type satellites.
    • Development of first-ever computerized flight simulator for use in tactical jet-fighter pilot training. Payoff: Vietnam-era, fighter pilot training instrument that simulated air conflict, flight patterns, missile targeting and strikes.
    • Underwater sonar detection studies using wave propagation theory.
    • Rocket propulsion studies using magnetohydrodynamics theory
    For computer research/defense think tank, research and development of computer language and architecture of pioneering natural-language time-shared data management system.      

    For brokerage division of major East Coast bank, new operating system environment, hardware changeover, and staff training for fixed income securities back office. .      

    For brokerage division of major West Coast bank, mission-critical fixed income securities back office system employing fault-tolerant mini-computers for fail-safe real-time operation.      

    For major mainframe manufacturer, authored reference/tutorial computer language manual.


Graduate studies in Mathematics and Social Psychology, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, and State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 

BS in English Literature, City College of New York, New York, NY  

  • Schwimmer, H.S., A National Health Insurance Simulations Model Using the Population Health Survey Data, Health Services Administration, City of New York, June 1972.
  • Contract Standard for Prepayment of Medicaid Health Insurance, Health Services Administration and Human Resources Administration, City of New York, September 1972.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., Nursing Home Study I: Analysis of Waiting Times for Nursing Home Placement, July 1971.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., Nursing Home Study II: Considerations for Policy-Making In Nursing Home Admissions, August 1972
  • Schwimmer, HS, Nursing Home System - Study III: Nursing Home Placement Tracking System, August 1972, Health Services Administration, City of New York.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., Operations Manual for Syphilis Serology Testing and Reporting, Health Services Administration, City of New York, September 1971.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., System Design for LIMBO - Laboratory Information Management and Billing Operations System, Health Services Administration, City of New York, June 1971.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services (DMH&MRS) Planning/Evaluation System, Health Services Administration, City of New York, November 1971.
  • Hausner, B. and H.S. Schwimmer, A Management Information System for the Bureau of Sanitary Inspections, The RAND Corporation, WN-7322-NYC, April 1971.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., M.C. Smith, and C.S. Wu, Magnetohydrodynamic Hypersonic Viscous and Inviscid Flow Near the Stagnation Point of a Blunt Body, AIAA Journal, Volume 3, Number 7.
  • Schwimmer, H. Suzanne, On the Lifetime of Balloon-type Satellites for Various Inclination Angles, The RAND Corporation, D-13948-NASA, August 1963.
  • Bellman, Richard J., J. Jacquez, R. Kalaba, and H.S. Schwimmer, Quasilinearization and the Estimation of Chemical Rate Constants from Raw Kinetic Data, Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, I, pp. 71-76, 1967.
  • Schwimmer, H.S., and M.C. Smith, Specialized Interplanetary Trajectory Computer Program, The RAND Corporation, D-14361-PR, December, 1965.
  • Hutcheson, J.H., J.D. Mallett, and H.S. Schwimmer, Navigation by Satellite Using Two-way Range and Doppler Data, The RAND Corporation, RM-4815-NASA, December, 1965.
  • Raucher, Virginia and H. Suzanne Schwimmer, The Basic Language Specifications for TDMS, Systems Development Corporation, TM-3370, April 1967.
  • Schwimmer, H. Suzanne, TSS-LUCID ALPHA User's Manual, System Development Corporation, TM-3412.
  • IBM S/360, An Introduction to the Operating System for FORTRAN IV Programmers, IBM Corporation, June 1970.



Senior project management and hands-on development of major business process systems and computer models and simulations for research studies. scientific applications  


  • Internet development: JavaScript, Java, HTML, PERL, CGI scripting, PaintShop Pro
  • Data base development using MS ACCESS, RBASE, STRATUS PL/1
  • Integrated business applications development using Microsoft Office Suite, and Lotus Smart Suite, current and previous versions
  • FORTRAN, PL/1, BASIC and variants, IBM Assembler Language, ALGOL and variants
  • IBM Mainframes
  • DEC, Stratus, and Data General mini computers and companion operating systems.
  • PC-based micro computers under DOS and Windows, all generations

  • UNIX-based workstations.
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